What we do

At Thrive Wellness Hub, we are passionate about optimising the performance, growth opportunities and well-being of people and businesses. We achieve this through our world class TRAINING COURSES, CONSULTING SERVICES and COACHING, to develop multiple dimensions of well-being and foster leadership within organisations.

Training Courses

EMPLOYEE WELLNESS MANAGEMENT: Take your EWP to the next level! Our Courses in personal and employee wellness management, offered as eLearning and onsite courses are backed by over 20 years of experience in employee wellness and adult education. Our ever expanding range of courses created by wellness specialists and educators will keep you up to date with the latest industry trends and global best practices. LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT: The development of leadership is central to our passion to optimise human capital and business performance. Our network of business consultants and educators create business and leadership courses to take your career aspirations to new heights! Click on the link below to view our full list of courses.



WHAT DOES YOUR PERFECT EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAMME LOOK LIKE?An EXCO that fully supports your plans?A wellness team with a clear direction?Employees that are fully engaged in your progreammes?Measureable improvements in employee well-being?
Thrive is your trusted partner to walk beside you through the process of turning you BIG plans into reality. Create a world class wellness strategy.Develop your wellness team to the highest standards.To create customized DONE FOR YOU surveys, management templates, assessment tools and moreTo foster an organizational culture of well-being and optimize employee participation and benefits.


YOUR PERSONAL NUTRITION, EXERCISE AND LIFESTYLE COACH:A unique feature of our employee wellness courses is that each student get's access to their very own personal nutrition exercise and lifestyle coach as part of the package!Knowledge is the first important step. However to really make a difference to people's lives, you need to show them how to apply their knowledge. Our accredited coaches give you the resources and support to transform you own well-being and help your employees to do the same!

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